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Featured Beachfront Properties For Sale in Nicaragua

About Pacific Nicaragua Real Estate

Pacific Nicaragua is dedicated to find the best investments possible; these types of properties will be located along the Pacific side. Ocean properties mostly but also Pacific Nicaragua will explore on your behalf those undeveloped and still undiscovered sites, Close to the ocean with a great view, beach front or lake properties as well.

As a local Nicaraguan who has been living for over 40 years with more than 10 years’ experience: exploring, walking, searching and experiencing the vast geographic of my country, I still feel that it is not enough time one life to say that I know everything of every little piece of land. You can see how much undeveloped land still exists with so much potential. For those pioneers’, Developers, surfer lovers or a person who is looking for peace and get away! Why not? Just check out what we have here. You never know!

Nicaragua’s land is more than Lakes and Mountains; it is also the land of new opportunities, If you visit the country todays you will be amazed how much has changed from the last 35 years, It was almost impossible to believe that  Buyers will consider to relocated their life’s or invest a big time in our Country. Today’s life is different. Such many places have changed. Best roads, best infrastructures, more sophisticated complex are all over the Coasts.

This is the indication of a solid changed, a most stable country, and a motivated economy with much work to do Of course! But moving forward,  and now with a new generation of Nicaraguans, open to learn and meet people and practice their English, So fun! Nicaragua’s friendship atmosphere is well known.

Creativity and hard work is making a big difference, and Countries from all over are now looking into Nicaragua. Outstanding beach properties, Ocean view, Ocean front, Home for retreat set up on hills where you can take over an amazing view with the tropical sunset when the day is just resting…

This is what those first developers kept when they arrived at earlier years during the 2000. Very few groups of developers started back then and now you can see big change. More and more clients love to experience what is happening…

The time is now; other tropical countries have proved how important it is to buy when prices are competitive and growing on value. Nicaragua is having that special moment; we have much land where you cannot compare and compete, low taxes rates, cost of living and security are the strong assets for buyers and investors.