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Carlos Gutierrez.
Pacific Nicaragua Owner.
Casa Granada Co-Owner.

I never thought that a visit to Granada would be a day for my life school in human relations and even more incredible to venture into the Real Estate in this city, that’s crazy!

I was born in Managua, and when I arrived in Granada, I spent the same as many foreigners who visit the Colonial city, who do not know anything and who think everything looks different, looks like being in a time machine and I am sure, many have thought the same thing. For me, Granada is a bubble that froze everything. As for people, the way of doing daily business, it’s as if time has stood still. Granada is a boutique, it is easy to walk, it does not require a car to know the city, everything passes by Central Park, colonial houses, etc. The city is perfect for those who like to be idling in a time era of nostalgia, the music of the 80s and 90s is still in fashion. Everything I’ve done like 30 years ago. Si! People take their time but calmly. The lifestyle is still like that of our parents, Al suave and slow, surely some day it pick up, but I like it the lay back vibe the city embraces.

Where was Casa Granada? How do I start? The logo and concept are entirely by Nancy Bergman. It is incredible how a foreigner fell so much in love with the city of Granada that she put her ideas in motion and created a whole business. Friends and clients always asked to know more about how to buy a property in Granada, and of course, the incredible remembrance spirit of Nancy with its customers, made the idea of Casa Granada take shape. The offices of Casa Granada in its simplest version were located in the corner of the Hotel de Nancy and consisted of the assistant who handled matters of Casa Granada using a computer, a table and a couple of chairs. The hotel in Nancy is Hotel Casa San Francisco. I tell everyone please visit it, for hey will like it.

After a while Nancy and the assistant could no longer attend to all the new clients, then the destiny, God and circumstances were given so that the opportunity to work for Casa Granada appeared in front of me. I confess my decision to venture into real estate, I owe to Nancy Berman of San Francisco, USA, the creator and founder of Casa Granada. This is when I met Nancy, she spoke to me with so much emotion and security about doing business in real estate in Nicaragua. After several talks, I was convinced and it simply seemed as a likely adventure that I would not regret and this has proven to be true.

Once that I teamed up with Nancy, my enthusiasm added to the fact that Nancy was “As we say here: “A chela con connected”, this was a great asset to the attracting more and more customers from all over the world. Such as Canada, USA, Europe and Central America and everything was simple. Now we have come to something more structured, yet remembering it all started for me with humbling beginning.  aSet in motion by Nancy, a USA citizen of San Francisco with some experience in Real Estate and almost nothing of experience in Hoteleria invite me to join her and I accepted.

Time passed, things were taking their course, we learned better sales techniques and even better to ways to sort things so that sales were less tedious.  Time passed, and one day Nancy decided to sell the company, pfff! I told myself, to work for someone else … No way !!! So I was getting ready to open my own business, at my house. Almost like a fritanga … from my house and to see how it would be, but as I said God did his part and the owner who is now one of my best friends and investors, decided to give me the opportunity and gave me the opportunity to buy the company.

Choco told me, now what? At this time I met three people who at the same time wanted to enter this business and asked me to be partners, but I tell you, it was not easy to decide, to sell part of the company and not knowing who we are going to get involved with was complicated. It happened and this new member gave the company that vision and direction that was needed to take the brand to another level and also to develop our own Urban Projects.

Casa Granada, is currently involved in the group of home developers in Nicaragua. The country’s economy, civil security, the socio-political environment and increasing demand for better quality and affordable housing has brought a wide window of opportunity. Please see the following projects that we have on offer in Granada, as we are currently involved with a group of home developers in Nicaragua.

* Development Santa FE
* Santa Lucia Colonial Homes